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Every year, Expandi engages with thousands of global business partners and runs more than 5,000 co-marketing campaigns, generating more than €1bn of validated pipeline.
For all B2B companies that rely heavily on channel partners as a demand generation engine, having a strong and efficient co-marketing programme is a must.

Expandi’s approach manages such programmes using a proven six steps process.

Our Six Steps

This specific approach is based on six key steps. It is very flexible and can be adapted to a multitude of partner networks that might require different types of engagements. From tailor-made engagement models to syndicated approaches, partners benefit greatly from the expertise of local account managers.

Innovative and fully integrated marketing infrastructures will help you to detect, monitor, and nurture the pipeline generated by co-marketing activities, which maximises the benefits of your co-marketing channel programme, and help your business to successfully navigate the last mile.

Marketing Planning and Budget Management

Marketers work with you to plan your marketing activities in line with your objectives, deciding which products to market, which channels to use, and where to allocate budget. Expandi act as your centralised marketing planner.

Services and Campaigns Design

To get potential customers’ attention, Expandi can help you promote your business image and products you have to offer by combining marketing techniques and campaign-planning ideas.

Partner Engagement

Expandi Group directly interact with your channel partners face to face, by phone and email creating a specific marketing plan in line with their budget, and making them fully aware of their accountability while ensuring consistently good service.

Activity Execution

This phase is where we execute the campaigns for your partners. After all of the marketing activities have been planned and budgets have been allocated, Campaigns execution is all managed in house and it is monitored constantly to apply changes and improvements when needed.

Reporting and Analysis

Expandi Group work with performance and ROI in mind, always. Reporting and Analysis is where our marketers analyse results, make necessary amendments, complete the campaign and report all of this to the client and partner. This phase can show you how to make the most out of your business’ data and how to use it in your favour.

Claiming and Invoicing

Co-marketing programmes require a strong claiming and invoicing engine, all dollars spent need to be monitored and accounted for. An agency taking ownership of this complex and vital process will alleviate the life of both clients and partners.

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