How to use B2B intent data to engage prospects and close deals faster

intent data

Intent data provides useful insights on the accounts in market now for your solutions.  Using the right  data, you can maximise the results of your marketing campaigns. In this article will see how.

It’s estimated that only 10% of B2B companies are in market at any given time, advertising to them or engaging with them at the wrong time could lead to a huge waste of budget. Real-time intent data can help reduce waste and deliver real results.

Where does intent data come from?

Intent data comes from multiple sources and can be either anonymous or associated to a specific known individual. However, as companies today have complex Decision-Making Units, it is most useful in B2B to aggregate intent data at company level and not only at individual level. This way you can evaluate the real interest of an organisation in your solutions and better identify their stage in the purchase journey.

In fact, a specific individual’s interest in a topic that do not represent a need at company level.

Here’s some examples of typical sources of intent data:

  • Assets download with free or gated forms
  • Data associated with internet searches
  • Digital interactions e.g. responses to email, online posts, etc.
  • Responses to outbound phone engagements
  • Tracked and identified visits to your web site and dedicated landing pages, etc

The power of real-time intent data

Intent data on its own won’t help you manage your budget in a smarter way.  For example, you could identify an account’s hight level of interest in a certain solution but still you could reach it too late.

Prospects show interest in different ways during their purchase journey. You need to understand intent early on and adapt your messages in real-time to maximise your opportunity to engage with them. This way you can detect, guide, and influence their decisions before it is too late.

Therefore, timing is essential. Advertise to a company that has already made the purchase decision is a waste of money. Using real-time intent, you can target the right prospects, personalize your messages and deliver the message at the right time.

Bottom line, you will close more deals, faster.

What is real-time intent data?

Real-time intent data is data gathered continuously from millions of sources and sites, analysed and categorised by Artificial Intelligence algorithms and made available to you in real-time so you can adapt and trigger different actions based on your prospects stage in the buying journey.

Are your ready to maximise the usage of your budget and reduce waste?

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