Don’t leave your lead generation strategy to chance!

In Ryan Myers’ excellent article “Why Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Strategy Might Be a Good Idea” published on HubSpot, he clearly explains the benefits of a company evaluating and considering outsourcing all or part of its lead generation engine.

Ryan presents three simple rules: Outsourcing your lead generation makes sense when …

  • You don’t have the resources to staff a full internal department.
  • Your lead generation needs to center on cold calling and booking appointments.
  • You have a rock-solid process for qualifying leads and you’re confident you can create one for lead generation with all parties involved.

He continues to say ‘If you’re hesitant to outsource because of budgetary concerns, consider this: keeping lead generation in-house means that you will have to hire, train, and pay at least one team member solely for that purpose. Effective training can take as long as a year, and there is still the cost of overhead to consider.’

In an overly crowded and competitive technology sector; large, mid-size and small companies often need to look outside their organisation for support. But the marketplace is vast, crowded and finding the right outsourcing partner is no easy feat.

The marketplace is full of multitude technology providers moved into the lead generation area; former telemarketing agencies that have re-branded themselves to I-can-do-it-all agencies, digital agencies, content agencies, channel agencies, and lead generation agencies, etc.

So, what are the rules to follow in selecting the right one for your organization?

  • You and your outsourcing partner need to speak the same language. A partnership will work if there is a strong alignment in terms of priorities and goals and a strong commitment to achieve them.
  • You need a flexible partner. In a constantly evolving environment your partner of choice need to adapt its delivery model to your changing requirements.
  • Alignment in terms of goals and rewards linked to clear objectives. Every time an organization outsources a service there is going to be a time when questions are asked on the real value delivered by the service provider. Cost comparison and ROI will become the only two important parameters in evaluating theirs and your performance. Therefore, the right partner should offer a payment model linked to results and performance, and not just clicks and impressions.

Lead generation is the “core” marketing strategy for the majority of B2B organisations. Don’t leave it to chance, select the right partner.

Read the full article from Ryan Myers’ here

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