The New Expandi Cyance Intent Data Platform

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new and improved Intent Data Platform, a result of the recent integration between Expandi and Cyance technologies. It’s the only multi-language, omni-channel intent data that’s integrated with firmographics, technology matches, interests, and previous engagement: everything required to empower marketing and sales teams with invaluable insight in a cookie-less world.

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The need for accurate intent data

The challenges for Marketers today are the same as ever: identifying ideal prospects ready to buy and help sales teams close deals faster.

Martech and, more specifically, intent data, have come to help.

In fact, it’s only after gathering purchase-intent insights that it’s possible to identify where the customer is likely to be in the overall purchase journey, allowing messaging to be changed from being product-centric to truly personalized content based on the customer’s real needs.

This is becoming increasingly prevalent as more organisations adopt an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach in all their marketing activities from branding to lead generation. This requires more accurate, targeted, and timely communications.

However, an Intent Data Platform requires a number of important features to ensure that truly relevant insights are being collected.

This is why, with the integration of the Expandi platform and Cyance data, we’ve improved and optimised our Intent Data Platform. The new features and simplified user experience will give B2B sales and marketing teams the deepest level of insight into the needs and drivers of their clients and prospects.

On top of its core features, the platform offers a whole host of new features and user interface including the unique ‘Account VALUE Score’. This gives users the ability to quickly select accounts they wish to target based on a composite volume and growthintent score, including firmographics, technology matches, levels of intent, and previous engagement versus their peers.

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Company VALUE score

The new and improved platform is designed to provide better accuracy: and one of the key ways in which it does this is with the new Company VALUE Score.

Unique to Expandi Cyance, the VALUE score takes intent data to a new level by generating an overall score for each key account based on two parameters: Intent Volume and Intent Growth.

  • Intent Growth Score represents the growth of a specific account’s intent-volume generation against its peers.
  • Intent Volume Score represents the comparison between the intent volume of a specific account vs its peers.

These essential insights will enable the user to quickly and clearly determine the overall position in the customer journey of their target accounts.

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Core Features

The core features making Expandi Cyance’s new platform unique in the marketplace include:

  • Standard and Custom Intent Keywords. The only platform that tracks activity relevant to your business and screens out noise with custom keywords.
  • Multilingual Intent. The only platform that can show you intent signals in European languages, granting a fuller picture.
  • Unbeatable Coverage. The only platform that collects intent signals using a truly omni-channel approach, tracking billions of buying intent signals across the globe from 55K publishers (30k+ in Europe), social channels, and campaign activities.
  • Higher Reachability and Intent Taxonomy. The only platform empowering you to tailor your messages using intent-data that’s categorised using far more taxonomies than any competitor.

Improved User Interface

Expandi Cyance’s new platform also has a brand-new user interface (UI) designed to make it as easy as possible to interpret and analyse data at all levels.

The new dashboard allows companies to easily select and apply targeting filters to the intent data they’ve purchased. Filters include:

  • Firmographic, such as country, region, company size
  • Range revenue
  • Industry sector
  • Technographic, such as installed base, interested vendors
  • Intent (if more than one intent package has been purchased)

The new account view provides easy to use information such as:

  • Accounts listed by Top VALUE Score. As more B2B marketers move towards ABM strategies, the Top VALUE Score Companies allow you to quickly identify the accounts that have shown higher levels of interest in your solutions.
  • View by Account. Select an account and deep dive into their level of interest and purchase readiness.
  • Top Searched Keywords by Solution. What are people actually searching for and reading about? Our keywords list gives you an additional level of detail into what targeted accounts are interested in, and at what stage of the journey they’re at.
  • Intent Trends. An essential means of analysing how, over time, the market is behaving and changing regarding your specific-interest topics, delivering an aggregated picture of the interests of your audience or even a segment of it. This not only helps to inform your content strategy, but also your wider business strategy.
  • Lists. You can create and manage lists of companies to help analyse, activate, and engage with your chosen audience. You can export the list to execute campaigns, perform analysis, segmentation, and reporting tasks.

“We’ve taken many factors into account when integrating the Expandi and Cyance platforms, while retaining the features Expandi and Cyance user-base used to know and love, like Custom Keywords, Multi-language Intent & Compliance with privacy regulations for growth in Europe we have improved intent data insights and user interface.” -Raffaele Apostoliti, CEO Expandi Cyance

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