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In the era of big data and analytics and the marketing industry standard to always be on the cutting-edge, it’s only natural to see how compatible the two are.

We strongly believe that performance-based marketing should be at the core of any marketing strategy and for this to work companies need to identify, select and run campaigns that reach the best possible target audience. This is why Business Intelligence and Analytics are essential for smart targeting and successfully deploying performance marketing.

How can I identify the best target audience for my services?

Even the best and most creative marketing campaigns will see results diminish if the wrong target audience is selected and communicated with at the wrong time. However, not all companies are able or ready to implement effective business intelligence and analytics in-house. Sometimes they simply lack the data, sometimes the resources, but even if they have both in-house the amount of data available will typically be limited.

If you have a good sales data system in-house you can probably create a profile of your “today” customer, but can you identify your “tomorrow” customer? Are you able to cover all the opportunities out there?

Our approach

As an agency we create and nurture our own in-house business intelligence system. We have integrated to the traditional firmographic and installed based data, that allows the creation of an initial buyer persona profile, technographic data, marketing campaigns historical data and  behavioural and intent data coming straight from digital campaigns.

A sophisticated scoring system allocates points when actions that indicate a higher propensity to buy are made, at the same time the individual score is reviewed when other actions indicate the prospect change in priority. Scoring is done not only at individual level, but also at an account level which means more effective targeting (Account Based Marketing).

On top of this vast data system, we have created analytical algorithms that identify from the client’s input what the most suitable target audience for the campaign is.

Workshop agenda examples

Digital Marketing Workshop Agenda

Getting started

  • Welcome

  • Current landscape

  • Marketing 2.0

Strategy & Planning

  • Planning

  • Persona marketing

  • Messaging

  • Creating great content

  • Digital customer journey

  • Nurturing cycle


  • Paid media and networks

  • Owned strategy and leveraging channels

  • Earned strategy and social media outreach

  • Test and measurement

Social Marketing Workshop Agenda

Getting started

  • Welcome

  • Current landscape

  • Getting started with Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ and more

Content and Inbound

  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing

  • Content and context

  • Content creation

  • Content curation

  • Content amplification

Social selling and CRM

  • Twitter lists

  • Social analytics

  • Influencer marketing

  • Social CRM with tools

This way we can better analyse the decision-makers and influencers within an organisations propensity to buy. We combine this information with basic profiling data and tendency to buy a specific brand or interest in purchasing a certain product/solution that basic installed based data cannot identify.

So if you want to maximise the results of your marketing campaigns don’t throw your money out the window, instead use it wisely and spend on selected audiences that want what you’re selling.

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