Buyer Intent Analysis

Buyers in today’s market are intelligent, and they know they’ve got options.

Understanding your buyers and tailoring your marketing to them is vital

Buyer intent analysis can be a strong addition to your Account-based Marketing strategy. Marketing technology available today allows marketers to analyse the online behaviour of their target audience by identifying prospects who show an intent to buy or a high interest in a specific product, solution or brand. This way a company can focus on the accounts that really matter to optimise its investment. But how can a company identify those contacts who are worth focusing on among its audience?

Building up a picture of your buyers

Buyer intent relates to a buyer’s aim when they are purchasing something.

Utilising buyer intent data, and tracking and analysing what your buyers do, can be one of the most effective ways of enhancing marketing efforts and fuelling conversions for a B2B company.

This data is simply a conglomeration of all of the information about a business and their online activities. It includes things like email open rates, clicks, keyword searches, demographics and much more.

Using Data to Target Buyers

It can be used to help you to understand your buyers, and how to market to them. You’ll understand where they are in the buyer journey, what they need, why they need it, and thus how to convert them into customers.

If you understand a buyer and their goals, objectives and reasoning, then you can take this understanding and inject it into your keyword choices, imagery, copy writing, and lead generation. Adverts becomes more targeted and personalised, and leads are more likely to convert.

Buyer intent data makes marketing activities more strategic

Expandi Group’s marketers are able to conduct B2B buyer intent analysis, performing different buyer intent activities and tracking users. They can look into social actions and the people who connect and engage with your business on social platforms; collect data on buyers who are commenting on your posts or asking questions; and investigate buyers searching or browsing for products and services like yours.

The team will always define the key targets of buyer intent analysis with your business and are able to use the collected data to monitor key prospects and nurture them with personalised messages.

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