Performance Based Marketing

With the increasing importance of digital marketing in B2B, a more strategic approach to performance marketing is required.

Define the customer targets and tactics in a modular and scalable way with a performance-based model approach to further boost the program ROI at the foundation.

The impact of digital has transformed B2B marketing. Companies need to deal with this transformation and agencies also need to change their proposition and align it with the clients’ objectives.

In this context, Expandi has conceived a performance-based model to help its clients achieve their marketing goals.

But what is performance-based marketing?

When talking about performance marketing, people normally refer to online advertising. Paid per Click or Paid per Lead are the models agencies and publishers typically offer to their advertisers. But these models work mainly at a tactical level. The performance-based model needs to embraces all marketing tactics, it is not just about clicks and registrations, and it had to be part of a strategic approach.

With the increasing importance of digital marketing in B2B, a more strategic approach to performance marketing is required.

What kind of strategic approach is needed?

Firstly, Sales and Marketing departments in an organisation need to work together to define specific goals and ways to measure them.

Secondly, the performance-based model needs to embraces all marketing tactics not just paid media.

Thirdly, agencies need to work side by side with clients to reach business targets as their remuneration is linked to the achievement of the client’s goals.

And finally, we need to use a multichannel attribution model whereby every customer’s interaction is tracked and analysed so that you really have control over the results of your marketing campaign.

Why is the Expandi performance-based model different?

There are three key elements that make our performance-based solutions unique:

  1. An EMEA wide proprietary database of highly qualified contacts categorised and scored using buyer intent and areas of interest data. A sophisticated targeting and segmentation tool used to identify the best decision makers profile as the targets for your marketing campaigns

  2. A strong team of marketers able to plan and execute performance-based marketing campaigns across all Europe

  3. A proprietary marketing technology platform which allows us to track and score any customer’s interaction and apply predictive analytics for smart targeting

Expandi is the only player in the EMEA market delivering such a model across the entire marketing funnel.

The process in practice

Expandi has created a performance-based marketing model that defines targets and tactics in a modular and scalable way to further boost the program ROI at the foundation.

In line with clients’ objectives we select the best target audience, so that we can identify accounts/contacts active in the digital channels and showing an interest for the client’s solution. To identify those contacts, we’ll use different tactics from social listening to buyer Intent.

Once identified the target audience, we launch a nurturing phase using a mix of tactics such as emailing, targeted advertising and so on. This way we identify prospects with a more mature level of interest.

In the final step of the journey, human interaction comes into place. A set of targeted outbound calls to the nurtured contacts will further qualify and identify interest level within the target audience. The qualified leads are passed to the Sales Engagement phase where we check buyer’s budget availability, timeframe, need and decision-making power. The result of this activity will generate Sales Qualified leads to be passed to the sales organization of the client.

Each step of our model is measurable and aligned with the Sales objectives. For each phase we have estimated a cost that may vary depending on the complexity of the offering, the level of awareness of the client, the size of the target audience and other elements.

Our agency remuneration is aligned with the clients’ goals and use the same metrics to track success. This way any performance deviation from the campaign objectives is promptly reported in order to realign the campaign with the target objective and B2B companies can invest their marketing budget more efficiently and boost their ROI.

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