Programmatic Advertising

Traditional advertising is slow, inefficient, and manual. Programmatic advertising is fast, efficient, and the future.

Very simply, it is the process of buying and selling ad inventory automatically, by connecting the advertisers to the publishers.

It uses AI technology and real-time bidding for ad inventory across multiple channels including mobile, display, video and social.

Why switch to Programmatic?

Because it allows for higher ROI. It allows us to shift from targeting placements on specific websites to targeting an actual person when they are online, which results in achieving 6-7 times better ROI than a traditional display advertising campaign.

Better results than standard display ads

Programmatic advertising also provides better results than standard display ads for B2B customers because of its machine learning techniques as it constantly gathers ‘smart’ data on individuals, its collaborative use of data among different players, and the expansion of programmatic marketing channels.

As if that wasn’t enough, programmatic advertising is also extremely scalable, cheaper for advertisers, decreases their workload, allows for greater ad personalisation, and allows an advertiser to target their KPIs more closely.

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