B2B Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media is one of the most innovative marketing mediums and the ways it can be used to get messages out there are constantly multiplying.

The problem is that many companies simply do not know how to make social media work for them, and it can be much harder for B2B businesses to reach the right audience on social media than B2C.

Anyone can create a post, or advertise a product on social media, but getting your target audience to see, and engage with, your marketing is a different matter.

But the main objective should be to use social marketing to improve the conversation rate by targeting a limited, yet valuable number of prospects who are showing an interest at a specific point in time (Buyer Intent).

This is what marketers call an Account-Based Marketing strategy: a company must focus on the accounts that really matter to optimise its investment. But how can a company identify those contacts who are worth focusing on among its audience?

Expandi Group offers several different social media marketing packages, designed to help b2b businesses make the most out of social.

Do you know what people think about your company?

Do you know what people think about your competitors?

The chances are some companies do, but many are oblivious to how they and their competition are perceived (and talked about) online.

Knowing how people think and talk about you online gives you a greater ability to reach them in the right way.

Social listening can help a company to find out which social platforms their audience uses, so they know where to advertise. It can also help a business to uncover new opportunities, attract new customers, identify influencers, and get crucial feedback.

Expandi Group offers several different social media marketing packages, designed to help b2b businesses make the most out of social.

Strategic analysis of followers and their behaviour on Twitter can provide a company with a huge amount of information, helping them to understand their audience better and market to them more effectively.

Information on followers including geography, influencers they engage with, websites they use, hashtags they write, interests they have, and content they share can all be invaluable to a B2B business looking to market to them.

Expandi can take a very large sample of followers, break them down into distinguishable cohorts and develop complete social IDs that can be used for engagement.

There is very little point in marketing on social media if your messaging is falling on deaf ears - or not reaching anyone at all.

At Expandi we can help B2B businesses to get their messages promoted through employees, customers, industry partners, and industry influencers. This means that the same post will be seen by a much wider range of people, giving it a better change of success.

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