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Expandi Group drives B2B sales growth and innovation.
Boost your Marketing Strategy.

Create effective B2B marketing strategies to increase sales

Plan and implement marketing strategies and sales programs that deliver real results.

Expandi’s unique offering is built on over 20 years’ B2B IT-Market experience working with the largest global IT companies and with over 1500 IT-ecosystem companies.

We deliver:

  • Thanks to the integration with Cyance, unrivalled multi-language B2B buyer-intent data coupled with firmographic, technographic and GDPR compliant DM contact details
  • Thanks to the integration with AccountInsight, award-winning AdTech and analytics platforms to deliver effective account-based awareness and branding campaigns
  • Tailored, specialist advice coupled with operational excellence for local and global delivery of demand generation, awareness and channel focus marketing programs
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Find your best-fit accounts with the most accurate B2B intent data

Take the guesswork out of audience selection. We track over 24 billion global data events each month to find businesses looking for your services. Use our platform to identify your best-fit accounts, grow pipeline, reduce churn, and win more deals.

With our solution you can select keywords specific to your business and in multiple languages. With Expandi Cyance, you are only tracking account behaviour that is relevant to your specific products and services - rather than getting inaccurate or broad indications of intent.

Expandi-Cyance is the leading provider of B2B intent data for businesses of all sizes and industries wanting to grow and the only provider of intent in multiple languages.

Focus on the right leads to boost conversions and drive real, measurable growth.

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Precisely target B2B decision-makers with superior data and platforms

Gain access to the most comprehensive view of your targeted audiences to boost the results of your marketing and sales programs.

We own the largest EMEA GDPR-compliant B2B database of companies including firmographic, Decision Makers contact details, financial and technographics information, company IP addresses and intent data.

So you can identify and target your ideal customers and customise messages and marketing strategies based on their position in the customer journey.

Boost the results of all your marketing activities from top-funnel branding to bottom-funnel demand-generation programs with our superior data.

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Boost your sales funnel with the help of our industry experts

As the EMEA leader in planning, implementing, and managing B2B demand Generation and Account Based Marketing Programs, we drive real business value across the entire IT ecosystem.

We help organisations plan, deliver, and manage innovative, effective sales and marketing programs utilizing highly targeted lists of prospects and unrivalled data.

We deliver everything you need via:

  • teams of skilled marketing professionals
  • unchallengeable market knowledge
  • a superior delivery engine
  • enriched and expertly analysed data
  • intelligent, insightful buyer-intent data
  • superior marketing and AdTech platforms

We drive real business value across the entire IT ecosystem, from local-level companies to global IT brands.

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Boost the sustainability of your company with Expandi “Marketing for Good” initiatives

With our “Marketing for Good” initiatives you can contribute directly to a cleaner planet and engage with prospects’ clients that equally care.

The initiatives can be linked to your marketing programs providing an additional incentive to prospects to engage.

All companies that subscribe to one of our green initiatives will receive a certificate proving the completion of the sustainability program, you can also access your sustainability awards via a dedicated App.

Expandi can help you boost the sustainability of your company.

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