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What we do

Boost your ABM strategy with Expandi Account Based Advertising Platform

Account Based Advertising allows you to target, engage and influence multiple decision makers within your priority accounts. Using our platform, you will be able to deliver personalised digital ads to influence all key stake holders within an account along their sales-cycle making your marketing and sales efforts fully aligned.

Our ABA platform uses IP targeting technology and unique Analytics combined with real-time Intent data to deliver digital ads with personalised content to the right people in the right accounts at the right time.

What we do

The ABA platform that delivers superior results

Thanks to the full integration between our award-winning ABA Platform and our marketing data and analytics platforms you will be able to:

Create the ideal target audience: Identify and enrich your target list of accounts using our firmographic, financial, industry propensity and purchase intent data.

Identify and target them using our IP address tracking and mapping technology.

Engage your high-value priority accounts with contextual targeting, placing ads against articles with the right keyword combinations. Give your accounts messaging that they want to see.

Monitor progress and improve performance with a dynamic reporting dashboard with details at account and company level.

Enjoy a flexible pay-per-campaign model, rather than subscription fees or fixed costs.

Why Expandi
Get your brand seen, recognized, and remembered by powering up your Account Based Advertising

Zero waste Ads
Focus your advertising on high-value accounts. Don’t waste budget and time on responses from irrelevant accounts.

Personalised content
Nurture and accelerate engagements with stakeholders via personalised messaging and content, shown only on the websites they engage with.

Precision targeting
Keep your brand’s messaging front of mind to all relevant high-value accounts with relevant and useful content.

Enhanced marketing
Increase your share of voice, mind and market: ABA works perfectly as part of your overall marketing.

Empowered Sales teams
Deliver warmer leads from engaged key accounts to your Sales Teams.

Target and engage your ideal customers with our Account Based Advertising Platform

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