Maximize your media investment

Identify and target the best B2B audiences with IP Based Advertising

What we do

Run targeted and personalized Ad campaigns

Expandi Match data management platform provides the only EMEA database which integrates firmographics, intent data at account and individual level, brand, technographic and financial data with IP addresses.

The data is available to companies, marketing and media agencies that want to run highly targeted and personalised advertising campaigns, either independently using their DSP of choice (Demand Side Platform for Programmatic Advertising) or through Expandi Match.

Leverage our unique EMEA data base.

Identify and access your ideal target audience, target them with effective and personalised Ad campaigns!

What we do

Select the Model
that’s right for you

Expandi Match DMP has created hundreds of ready-to-use IP address-based audience segments. You can now select and run highly targeted digital Advertising campaigns through your DSP of choice using our audiences. Our data is avaible through all the main platforms such as Xandr, Google Adform and Google DV360, etc.

In this Self-Service model you will have complete freedom of execution so you can reach the accounts who matters to you, personalise your messages and drastically reduce your waste budget.

In the Managed-Service model, on top of what is available in the Self-Service model, Companies and Agencies can use Expandi as their DSP. This way they can leverage its experience and extra services to create customised audiences, target only specific Accounts, optimise the campaigns on the go and gain extra insights.

Targeted IP Audience Table

Target only the accounts that matter to you stop wasting budget on uninterested companies.

Targeted IP Audience Table

Select the Audience
that’s right for you

Different audiences can be created using the following options:

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Segment by selecting companies by size, location, or industry type

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Intent data by selecting companies with identified interest on specific IT Solutions

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Technographic by selecting specific brands or by installed base

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*Account by selecting only the accounts associated to specific priority list (ABM). This option is available only in the Managed-Service model.

Examples of Self-Service ready-to-use audiences available on all main platforms:

Audience type Package Name Description Country
Segment Employee Size DE - Employees 1000+ (30865) Employees 1000+ DE
Technographic Installed Brand DE - Amazon Web Service (30889) Amazon Web Service DE
Intent Data GB - Security (31014) Security GB
Click here to view the full list of available audience segments

Target only the accounts that matter to you stop wasting budget on uninterested companies.

Unique Value

Integrated with our IP targeting technology and our unique Analytics and Intent data, our audience segments can help you deliver the right content to the right people in the right accounts at the right moment maximising your media investment.

Sophisticated IP targeting technology

The Expandi Match DMP utilizes sophisticated company IP Address tracking rather than soon expiring cookies like most other platforms. Integration with User and Device IDs information for deeper targeting.

Data depth

We are utilizing only the most recent data, all regularly updated using multiple sources including installed-base Brand and Financial data, plus fully integrated Martech tools monitoring and scoring all digital signals.

GDPR and e-privacy compliant

Unlike inefficient and imprecise cookies, IP targeting on companies ensures your outbound targeting of high-value companies is fully GDPR compliant.

Use cases

Expandi Match mixes intent data at the account level (top down) with individual level (bottom up) intent data, creating the only database which integrates firmographics with IP addresses as well as intent, brand, and financial data.

Reach your Total Addressable Market with 100% accuracy.

Weigh your media investments based on the most valuable clients (ie ABM).

Weigh your media investments based on intent signals.

Personalize Content and Advertisements.

Identify Accounts interested in your offering for later nurturing.

Create effective ad Campaigns using Expandi highly targeted audience Segments. Target and engage your best-fit B2B companies.

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