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Expandi Group helps you drive B2B sales growth with innovative technology and winning marketing strategies.

Platforms, Data and Analytics tools

Unique marketing platforms and analytics offering built via the integration of award-winning products.
All platforms are based on cookie-less technology.

ABM Platform

Boost your ABM strategy with the award-winning Jabmo Account-based Marketing platform.
Run, optimise and orchestrate your omni-channel campaigns in one platform. Account intelligence is based on the integration of campaign interactions, 1st and 3rd party intent. You can monitor the engagement of your targeted accounts with consolidated reporting.
Unleash the power of your ABM strategy.

  • Run, optimise and orchestrate omni-channel campaigns
  • Audience building tool
  • Website personalisation
  • Consolidated reporting

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Intent Platform

Find your best fit customers and their buying stage with Cyance B2B Intent data platform.

The platform integrates B2B 1st party and 3rd party multi-language buyer-intent data generated tracking millions of signals and thousands of keywords. Easy customisation and integration of custom keywords. Power up your marketing and sales with intent insights.

  • Multilingual and multi-channel intent tracking
  • Multiple targeting options
  • Easy integration of custom intent keywords
  • Deep account intent view

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Account-based Advertising Platform

Don’t waste your advertising budget with a ‘spray and pray’ approach. Use our Account-based display advertising platform to deliver effective and highly targeted campaigns.

Based on cookie-less technology and integrated with intent insights and contextual technology it helps you reach the companies that count.

  • Cookieless digital advertising
  • Account prioritization using integrated intent
  • Contextual advertising
  • Day-to-day reporting

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Data Solutions

Access comprehensive, relevant and privacy compliant B2B data. Our database integrates updated company firmographic, technographic, financial and IP address information with decision makers details, 3rd party intent data. We cover the entire Wester European and US market, including all industry sectors and company sizes from SMB to Enterprise Accounts with 10 plus employees. Power up your teams with smart data.

  • Firmographic – Technographic – Financial data
  • Company Hierarchy
  • Privacy compliance (GDPR- CCPA)
  • Cookiless audiences for targeted digital advertising

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Fully Integrated Marketing Services

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Expandi’s unique marketing services offering is built on over 20 years’ B2B IT-Market experience working with global IT and over 1500 IT-ecosystem companies.

Our industry experts help organisations plan, deliver, and manage fully integrated, innovative, effective sales and marketing programs using highly targeted lists of prospects and unrivalled data platforms.

We deliver everything you need via:
  • teams of skilled marketing professionals
  • unchallengeable market knowledge
  • a superior delivery engine
  • enriched and expertly analysed data
  • intelligent, insightful buyer-intent data
  • integration with the company award-winning ABM, intent and AdTech platforms
Boost your sales funnel with the help of our industry experts

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