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Expandi unveils the new Jabmo ABM platform.

5th of December 2023

Expandi Group, established in 2000, a global leader in AdTech, MarTech, and Managed Marketing Services, today announced the launch of the latest release of the Jabmo ABM Platform.

The Jabmo ABM platform was purchased by Expandi in September 2023.

With this latest release of the platform, Jabmo delivers a host of new functionalities, insights, and account intelligence to significantly help organizations accelerate pipeline development and win deals faster within the accounts they value the most.

The new release sees the full integration of the company IP-based Account Tracker, a system that identifies unknown website visitors matching their IP addresses against our company IP addresses database, into the platform. This database is the widest European IP addresses database in the market allowing companies to identify not only US-based traffic but also European-based traffic, a strong differentiator versus competition.

In addition, the new platform provides full integration with the company’s award-winning Account-based Advertising platform by AccountInsight and with the Intent insights’ platform by Cyance. This allows companies to refine their marketing strategies, using the information on accounts’ interest in their solutions, identifying unknown prospects using the Lookalike functionality, and running highly personalized ads directly within the platform.

These new functionalities bring lots of benefits. Companies and Partners can now directly see the impact of their omnichannel marketing efforts on their target audience. They can push them further into their customer journey, identify companies that felt under their radar but are interested in their solutions, and create more effective and personalized follow-up actions.

Raffaele Apostoliti, CEO at Expandi, commented:
“The integration of these functionalities in the Jabmo ABM platform is just the first important step in the platform roadmap. Customers, Agencies, and Marketing and Sales departments in Europe are giving very positive feedback and see the value the new platform will bring to their ABM strategy. This is part of our overall strategy to make Jabmo the B2B reference platform for business intelligence & demand engine programs firstly across Europe and then in the US.”

More about Expandi Group:

Expandi Group is the largest fully owned B2B AdTech, MarTech, and Managed Services provider in EMEA. It was established in 2000 by former HP Managers, anticipating trends and bringing innovative thinking around ROI marketing to the tech industry. Thanks to the management and delivery of thousands of marketing and sales programs, Expandi has built and optimized the most comprehensive and insights-driven data platforms. The company has served most of the Top B2B Brands.

For further information please contact: PR@expandigroup.com

For more information on the Expandi Jabmo ABM platform, visit www.jabmo.com